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The closing of the year is always complicated talking about money, if we add the interest rate increases and its impact on the loans, the Mexican portfolios could arrive very worn for January. But, did you know that there are expenses that actually help you save?

There is always talk of spending wisely , and this means buying what you need and not just the fashions or what you sell advertising, however, this time we will tell you what are the three “expenses” that are really a saving:

# 1 Insurance

Protecting your health, your family and your assets is a measure that will save you a huge amount of money in the future. Although there are products to meet every need and with different characteristics, there are two main ways to ensure that you will live quietly and comfortably.

  • Personal insurance Whether it’s medical or living expenses, it is a program that will be your ally in case of a health problem or that you will be missing for yours. Despite having huge benefits, less than half of the population has any of these policies. Chronic diseases or surgeries, costal at least million pesos, can you imagine the advantage of having insurance?

  • Property insurance. Paying your car or property for years is an effort that is subject to unforeseen and natural tragedies that should be sufficient reason to want to have insurance to take care of your things. If you already took the step of buying real estate, protect it!

# 2 Savings or investment funds

Saving is the first good habit you should acquire for the rest of your life, however, it is not the end, your savings can become the beginning of a financial activity if you invest in a fund that makes you grow without you it means no effort. How to invest your money? There are different funds in brokerage houses, banks and other types of financial institutions in which you can invest your money, although perhaps the most common are the Cetes (Certificates of the Federal Treasury).

# 3 Pensions

It is well known that the current pension system will not be enough for young people, if that were not enough, informality and employment instability cast a shadow over the future. For this reason, a good option is to make voluntary contributions to your Afore, or hire a savings plan for retirement.

Good news!

The cost or contributions that you decide to deposit in each of these three financial products can be charged to a credit or debit card, so you will not only be saving, but you will not have to worry about possible oversights or delays.

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