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Admittedly, insurance, retirement and finance can sometimes be quite complicated. Tariff conditions and contract terms are cumbersome and incomprehensible formulated and often it is unclear what the “insurance German” actually means in practice.

It can be all the more helpful to clarify the meaning of individual terms, clauses and “the fine print” in a personal conversation with an expert. Instead of a lexicon whose explanations might ultimately lead to even more questions, offers you a free consultation on your individual insurance, pension and financial issues. We will quickly and easily find an expert in your area, who can answer all your questions about the technical terms of the insurance world in a personal conversation. Use our expert search – this service is free of charge and without obligation.

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Unfortunately, an insurance contract will not survive in the future without complex clauses and phrasing. It is all the more important that you, as an interested party, first understand which services individual tariffs have to offer, which offer best suits your individual needs and which conditions you would have to accept when signing a contract. Unexplainable technical terms and confusing conditions should be explained in any case before signing the contract.

A simple example: Liability insurance is considered the most important financial protection for individuals. But the choice of a tariff should not make you dependent exclusively on the price. You must first of all deal with the amount of the coverage in advance. Depending on the contract, additional services are offered. But what is more important for personal safety: a coverage of cover or protection in case of gross negligence? Such parts of the contract can not simply be translated into numbers and compared with each other, such as the sum insured or the amount of the contribution. For this you should deal in detail with the respective product. An insurance expert can quickly and skillfully explain what you should pay particular attention to.

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Understandably, very few people have the time and inclination to deal in detail with complicated insurance conditions. Many rely on the judgments of well-known consumer organizations and magazines such as Stiftung Warentest, Focus-Money, Öko-Test or Handelsblatt. These regularly select the test winners for the individual products.

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However, testers often rate policies based on general criteria or select the best deals for model customers. If you want to know which insurance contract best suits your own current living situation, you should rely on expert advice from an insurance expert. This not only helps you to compare the various offers, but can also answer all your further questions about the rates that suit you.

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