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From July 2017, small and medium-sized enterprises can access EU-funded loans in over six hundred locations. You can find it in the program. The available amount for seven years is seven hundred and fifty billion HUF, of which HUF 40 billion have been transferred so far.

For the first time in Europe it has become possible to develop an effective strategy – according to the Minister of National Economy – which can make the allocation of EU resources more cost-effective and efficient. The Minister also said that the success of the program is guaranteed by the fact that EU credit plans aimed at improving the marketability of SMEs have made it possible to upgrade more than a thousand companies. Mihály Varga draws attention to the most important feature of loans, which is the repayment obligation. This prompts the applicant companies to make the most thoughtful business plans and to make the most of their investment goals.

Hungarian small and medium-sized enterprises are successful

In the second half of this year, businesses placed seven and a half (and households four times) more deposits than their debt increased with domestic banks, “said the National Bank of Hungary in its report on credit institutions’ consolidated balance sheet.

Loans are falling and deposits are growing

The loan portfolio of companies that are not engaged in non-financial activities reported a loss of HUF 7 billion, only in the calculation of transactions. Forint loans are approx. however, foreign currency loans grew by more than three billion forints.

However, the deposits of these companies increased by more than HUF 50 billion.

Before applying for corporate loans – just before applying for a retail personal loan – it is recommended to check the bids of the different financial institutions with the help of so-called corporate credit calculators , as there may be significant differences in interest rates.

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